About OPHC

The Oak Park Homelessness Coalition (OPHC) is a multi-stakeholder group working to end homelessness in Oak Park. From local government to school districts to social service agencies to businesses, the OPHC meets quarterly, working together to develop:
    •    A baseline understanding of the homelessness issue in Oak Park
    •    Goals and strategies to combat homelessness
    •    Tactics to create a public-facing campaign that educates people about the issue and how people can help
    •    A broad coalition to help those who are homeless or in danger of being homeless

The Problem in Oak Park

Last Year...
... 173 students were reported homeless from Districts 200 and 97
... 392 Oak Park residents received assistance from Prevail
... A total of 145 Oak Parkers were outreached by Housing Forward’s street outreach team
... 24 individuals received housing or assistance from Oak Park Township